National Conference on Road Safety, Nepal


National Conference on Road Safety, Nepal

January 21 and 22, 2018

Hotel Yak and Yeti

Kathmandu, Nepal




Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA)

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MOPIT)

Road Board Nepal (RBN)

Department of Roads (DoR)

Department of Transport Management (DoTM)

Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Ministry of Health (MoH)

Non Residence Nepali Association (NRNA)

Nepal Police Traffic Directorate/Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD)



Bhagat Metal Pvt. Ltd., Bharatpur, Chitwan

Youth Community for Nepalese Contractors (YCNC)

Federation of Contractors' Associations of Nepal (FCAN)

Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI)



Safe & Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN)



With a person dying on roads every 30 seconds - more than 3500 per day - over 1.25 million per year and as many as 50 million injuries worldwide, road crash has become a ninth leading cause of death globally. Road crashes are the fifth leading cause of women death, and top rank cause of death of youth having age 15-29. If no intervention is applied, road crashes will become fifth leading cause of worldwide deaths by 2030. Recognizing this fact, United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the period 2011 – 2020 as the Decade of Action for Road Safety with a goal to stabilize and then reduce the projected 2020 death tolls by 50% through the support and active participation of all concerned stakeholders. In addition, the Global Action Plan recommends countries to develop their national action plans for the decade in a manner that is consistent or can be arrived forward to regional plans.

Nepal also committed to reduce road fatalities by 50% and developed Nepal Road Safety Action Plan (NRSAP) (2013-2020) to meet its global commitment. However, rather than decreasing, road fatalities are increasing at an alarming rate and reached the figure 2,385 in last fiscal year 2073/74. Thus, there is an urgent need to review its implementation, to find out where the problem lies to meet the national commitment and to identify where the opportunities are for improving the trend.   

Due to several reasons, the road safety issue never came on the priority list while developing plan and programs. Thus, the Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA), Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport (MoPIT), Department of Local Infrastructure and Agricultural roads (DoLIDAR), Roads Board Nepal (RBN), World Health Organization (WHO) including others have realized an urgent need to develop common consensus and awareness among the policy makers, professionals, academicians, users and other transport entrepreneurs on the subject. For this, a national level conference on Road Safety has been planned with an objective to create a platform to share the knowledge and experience both from the national and international experts, professionals and policy makers.

This National Conference aims to bring all stakeholders in one forum to discuss and deliberate this alarmingly increasing trend of road deaths and disabilities in the country, brainstorm collectively on various issues related to road safety and recognize collectively the need of concerted and collaborative efforts among various line agencies as well as create a platform for collective work to address causes and to reduce road deaths and disabilities in the country. 

A number of international and national road safety experts, covering all five pillars of road safety will be delivering presentations in this two-day conference. This conference is expected to come up with the DECLARATION with commitments from all road safety stakeholders to work collaboratively and in a coordinated manner in order to deliver better road safety outcomes in the country.

 Objectives of the Conferences

The main objective of the Conference is to bring all stakeholders in one forum to discuss and brainstorm collectively on various issues related to road safety and develop consensus on need of collaborative efforts among various line agencies for future course of action. The specific objectives includes

·         Status updates on the road safety situation and ongoing activities in Nepal.

·          Pillar wise review on the progress on delivery of National Road Safety Action Plan (NRSAP), its challenges and opportunities.

·         Share the international leading practices to help resolve the hurdles on delivering actions of NRSAP and on achieving road safety target

·         Explore innovative solutions applicable to Nepalese context.

·         Develop consensus among entire stakeholder on the future course of action on it and setup of new target for next decade to be included in NRSAP 2021-2030.

·         Come up with the joint declaration of all concerned stakeholders on how best the road safety could be managed and target made by the country could be achieved

·         Spread awareness on road safety

·         Develop political support on road safety. 


Conference Theme

The major themes of the conference are the five pillar of road safety as: 

·         Pillar 1: Road Safety Management

·         Pillar 2: Safer Roads and Mobility

·         Pillar 3: Safer Vehicles

·         Pillar 4: Safer Road-Users

·         Pillar 5: Post crash Response

Papers are invited from individuals and/or organizations on the above theme. Papers on case studies with appropriate solutions that may be relevant and applicable to Nepali condition will be highly appreciated. For the further information on it, please contact to conference secretariat.


Outcomes of Conference

This will be the first time in Nepal the conference will be dealing with all five pillar separately. The outcomes of the conference will be

·         Better understanding of the current scale of road safety problem in the country by all stakeholders

·         Realization by all stakeholders that the road safety is a multi-sectorial, multidimensional problem requiring system based approach to manage it.

·         Well managed road safety projects and realization among key stakeholders on the need to manage road safety better in the country

·         Clarification on issues involved in managing road safety

·         Learning from the international experience of managing road safety and possible measures that can be adopted in Nepal.

·         Generate support for the preparation of National Road Safety Action Plan (2021-2030)

·         DECLARATION with commitments from all road safety stakeholders to work collaboratively and in a coordinated manner in order to deliver better road safety outcomes in the country.

Targeted Participants:

The conference targets the representative from multisectorial agency that are directly and indirectly involved in road safety. The audiences for this conference are Engineers, planners, and decision makers from different governments institutions, Representatives from bilateral and multilateral donor organizations, Traffic authorities, Universities faculties, research scholar, contractors, health officials,  Private consultants working in the transportation sector, Policy makers, local community leaders, representative from international governmental and non-governmental organization, transport entrepreneur, NGOs and civil societies and media,


Conference Organizing Committee

Er. Hare Ram Shrestha                  - Chairman

Er. Devendra Karki                          - Member

Dr. Puspa Chaudari                        - Member

Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya              - Member

Er. Gopal Prasad Sigdel                - Member

Er. Jeevan Kumar Shrestha         - Member

Er. Krishna Singh Basnet              - Member

Rup Narayan Bhattarai                 - Member

DIG Sarbendra Khanal                  - Member

Dr. Bhola Ram Shrestha               - Member

Er Rajendra Raj Sharma               - Member

Er. Dr. Partha Mani Parajuli          - Member

Er. Dhruba Raj Regmi                    - Member

Er. Uma Shankar Sah                    - Member

Er. Umesh Prasad Thani               - Member

Er. Rabi Bhushan Jha                    - Member

Ar. Susan Vaidya                            - Member

Er. Shyam Bikram Khana              - Member

Er. Hemant Tiwari                          - Member

Er. Laxman KC                                - Member Secretary


Thematic Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Padma Bahadur Shahi                - Pillar 1 (Road Safety Management)

Er. Subash Dhungel                                     - Pillar 2 (Safer Roads and Mobility)

Er. Bhakta Bahadur Aale                             - Pillar 3 (Safer Vehicles)

Mr. Birendra Pandey                                    - Pillar 4 (Safer Users)

Dr. Ashok Ratna Bajracharya                     - Pillar 5 (Post Crash Management)


Parallel to the conference there will be an exhibition. If you are interested in exhibiting your products at the conference, please feel free to contact the conference secretariat.

Table Space: NRs. 100,000

Registration Fee

The registration fee includes Conference Kit (only for participants), High Tea, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner (closing ceremony day) and proceeding of the conference.

Institutional Participants – NRs. 10,000

Foreign Participant – 100 USD (SAARC Country), 200 USD (Non SAARC Country)

Conference Venue:

Hotel Yak & Yeti, Darbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Contact Information

Er. Laxman KC

Chair, Road Safety Committee (NEA)

Phone: 9851137309



Er. Shyam Bikram Khana 

Member Secretary, Road Safety Committee (NEA)

Phone: 9851095192


Conference Secretariat

Nepal Engineers’ Association Office

Pulchowk Lalitpur

Phone: 01-5010251 / 5010252